Project Spacepunk

Spacepunk is a 3D top down RPG set in space, about making a difference in a war-torn universe. In Spacepunk you design spaceships, explore derelict wrecks, fight ship-to-ship battles, or trade and deliver cargo. Space is divided over three factions whom you need to deal with to accomplish your goals. Depending on how you deal with agents from these factions, your standings in the universe can change.

- Build your own spaceship: You will design the hull, build rooms and place equipment in a grid-based editor.
- Your choice matters: Depending on how you accomplish missions or who you kill, relations with one faction may deteriorate while relations with another improve.
- Make your own path: Decide who you work for, who you help, and who you destroy.
- Exploration pays: Travel to different sectors and find new technologies to improve your vessel.
- Extensive dialogue and stories: Unique characters and dialogue provide a lively world.

Spacepunk is expected to release on PC somewhere in 2018.


After a succesful Kickstarter, Convoy, a squad based tactical combat roguelike-like inspired by Mad Max and FTL was released on Steam on April 21, 2015! Travel with your combat vehicles and convoy across a wasteland to find parts needed to repair your broken spaceship. During your journey you might encounter strangers in randomized scenarios by picking up radio signals. Curious?

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