Convoy Games is an indie game studio based in the North of the Netherlands



Convoy Games was founded in September 2013. The studio is made up of three friends: Sander de Visser, Sipke Atema and Roy Hornstra. Sander and Sipke were hoping to graduate from the game design university, while Roy was already graduated and was working at Convoy Games full time. Convoy Games was founded after Roy and Sander had a discussion over some beers on a sunny afternoon in August 2013. They both wanted to create ‘Chase’, a turn based car chasing roguelike game for Android which Sander had created a prototype for. Because of the lack of coding skills to create their vision, Sipke was asked to join the team. After a little persuasion and the promise of ‘some beers’ Sipke decided to join Convoy Games. Many adventurous afternoons of testing ideas later, ‘Chase’ want turned into ‘Convoy’, which we have released and was our first succes!