Welcome to Convoy Games!

Convoy Games is an independent game studio from the north of the Netherlands.

We released Convoy in 2015, and now we’re working on Landinar: Into the Void.

Check back here for updates on our games and projects.


Encounter system [Landinar devblog]

In Landinar: Into the Void we have created a vast open world for the player to explore. We filled it with space stations to visit, but there wasn’t much else to find in space. Our programmer Sipke shares how we started working on an encouter system to create a more lively world for the player.

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Steam Store page and Discord server

We are so happy to announce our Steam Store pageĀ for Landinar: Into the Void is live right now! Go put it on your wishlist! You can also join us on our Discord server. Hang out with us and keep up to date with all the latest Landinar news and updates.  

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