Welcome to Convoy Games!

Convoy Games is an independent game studio from the north of the Netherlands.

We released Convoy in 2015, and now we’re working on Landinar: Into the Void.
Landinar: Into the Void is currently available on Steam Early Access.

Check back here for updates on our games and projects.


State of the empire address

This blog is about the wild ride we at Convoy Games have had for the past year, the periodwhen Landinar: into the void was in Early Access. For the players: This is also a post about why patches have been slow. In June last year we had been blissfully developing Landinar for nearly 3 years […]

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Flight model overhaul, part 2 [Landinar devblog]

In our previous devblog we talked about some of the changes we had in mind for the flight model overhaul. In case you’ve missed our announcement, our Propulsion Update will launch on November 20th. Check out this devblog for more detailed information!

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Flight model overhaul, part 1 [Landinar devblog]

Landinar: Into the Void has been out for a few weeks, and while the team has been working hard on fixing bugs and issues, we’ve also been looking towards the future. Hearing all your feedback has been a great way for us to pinpoint which way to head next during early access. The next months […]

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