Landinar: Into the Void [Early Access FAQ]

September 3, 2018
By Ryanne

Landinar: Into the Void will hit Steam Early Access on September 18 2018!

For your convenience (and ours) we have compiled a series of frequently asked questions down below.

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Early Access

Q: Why Early Access?

A: The last three years we’ve been working hard on Landinar: Into the Void. The game is nearing completion. The game is already fun to play, and we feel it is time to involve players to shape the final parts of the game and its development. The early access release is an open world sandbox where you are free to explore the universe, take on missions, find tech and build your own space ship.

With this early access release our main goal is to complete a story mode campaign. During early access we will also keep expanding the game while listening to you as a player to pinpoint our priorities and additional features.

Q: How long will the game be in Early Access?

A: We already have a rough idea and several parts of the story campaign finished, but there is still a lot work to do. We expect a final release about a year after the early access release.

Q: How is the final version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

A: The early access release focuses on the core game loop – letting you have fun in an explorable quadrant of our universe.

We are planning to release several updates during early access with:

  • more random encounters/events
  • more parts, guns and options for your ship
  • more enemies, NPC’s, missions and sectors to explore

The final release will have a full story mode campaign with (branching) main and side missions. We will also consider suggestions from the community for additional features and content.


Q: Can I board other ships? Will there be combat on stations? Can I have additional crew on my ship? Is there something like stealth mode?

A: These are all game mechanics we would love to implement in Landinar: Into the Void, but will not be available in the Early Access release. Even though these are all elements we have played around with during the development of this game, none of them have proven to be stable enough to actually use. Whether they will make it into the full release, only time will tell.

Q: Can I play this game in multiplayer?

A: Landinar: Into the Void is a single-player game.

Q: Can I make my own ship template?

A: You can only build ships in the shipbuilder from existing templates. As the Early Access progresses, more templates may become available in-game. Also keep an eye out on our Discord and you might find a way to get a custom ship template implemented in the game.


Q: How did Landinar: Into the Void come to exist?

A: We started prototyping new game concepts after we finished Convoy back in 2015. We were first looking to make a cyberpunk-stealth-hacking-shooter-RPG-management kind of thing inspired by Deus Ex and Evil Genius. It had a base building mechanic, a (basic) quest/dialogue system and simple shooting mechanics before we realised this would be way too complicated to actually turn into a full game.

So we slapped some engines on the base and buildings, added guns and removed the ground, and a space game was born! Then it was only a matter of working really hard for over 2 years to produce all the assets, design and content, and actually make the whole thing work properly.

Q: What has been your inspiration for Landinar: Into the Void?

A: For Landinar: Into the Void we took inspiration from games like Freelancer, SPAZ, Fallout, and Rebel Galaxy, as well as movies/series such as The Expanse, Star Wars, Blade Runner and even Mad Max.