Convoy is crash landing on consoles!

February 25, 2020
By Roy

We’re proud to announce that Convoy will soon launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Switch as ‘Convoy: a tactical roguelike’! The game that’s been available to the ‘Glorious PC Gaming Master Race’ for close to five years now will soon be rolling into the living room and onto your comfy couch.

Convoy Games has partnered with Triangle Studios to bring this great random-encounter, story-driven, permadeath experience to a worldwide audience.

So if you’re someone who’d love to experience Convoy on consoles, board the hype train right now because we leave we’re setting out for an awesome trek through a desert wasteland! Choo, choo!

Convoy: a tactical roguelike will feature new stories and cars that will also become available to our amazing and loyal audience on Steam simultaneously with the launch on consoles. Furthermore, this means that PC gamers will finally get that controller support that will make Convoy an even more accessible experience.