Convoy Games is a small independent studio from the north of the Netherlands

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Convoy Games began when Roy and Sander had a discussion over some beers on a sunny summer afternoon in 2013. They wanted to create ‘Chase’, a turn-based car chasing roguelike game for Android which Sander had created a prototype for. Because of the lack of coding skills to create their vision, Sipke was asked to join the team. After a little persuasion and the promise of ‘a few beers’ Sipke decided to join and Convoy Games was officially founded in September 2013. Many adventurous afternoons of testing ideas later, ‘Chase’ turned into ‘Convoy’ and was successfully released for PC, Mac and Linux in April 2015.

Since the release of Convoy, the studio has been working on what has become Landinar: Into the Void. To help out making 3d art, Erik (who Sander and Sipke met in university) was quickly hired. Sometime later, Kevin (who had already done a lot of work on Convoy as a freelancer) joined to write more dialogue and stories. The latest addition to the team is Ryanne, who knows how to talk to people on the internet and keeps the fans engaged.

The team

  • Roy Hornstra – Founder, makes cool 2d art, also does some design stuff
  • Sander de Visser – Founder, business guy, occasionally writes some terrible code
  • Sipke Atema – Founder, does the actual coding work, drinks most of the coffee
  • Erik Hobma – Makes cool 3d art
  • Kevin van der Leer-Keulen – Writes all the stories and dialogue
  • Ryanne van der Leer-Keulen – Talks to the fans